Illustrator | Digital Painter | Concept Artist

A story of oneself cannot be told, it cannot be sung… its a picture in one’s mind…a moment that might stand across fields…
Hey, it’s me, real name is Shivika, a visionary artist, passion for art had got me on this journey of self discovery and love to draw, paint and just doddle. I love to read, write and of course, sing as well. Though not in public
Completed Diploma in Computer Graphic Artist from Penn Foster College, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA.

The means of design, in my concept, is the visual presentation and communication. It is directed at learning the concepts of human behavior and trying to build your ideas on a visual level. I have been an artist since I was in school. I had first started my career as an oil painter, and later went on to digital painting and illustration. Even at the younger age, I was intrigued by the concept of human interaction and reaction to design, how colors and particular patterns affect how a piece of art would communicate to one person.