Autumn Delight

Title : Autumn Delight
Type of Artwork: Landscape
Dimension : 2500pixels x 1500 pixels
Medium used : Digital Painting (using CorelPainter)
Completed on : July 3, 2014




Description: I love experimenting with new software, though CorelPainter was something I really wanted to try hearing from a couple of friends online. I have seen the tutorials and the great many artist use it for commercial works as well. I didn’t want to be stuck to just one software. I wanted to explore other ventures as well so that in case a client asked from a specific program I knew I would be ready to explore and work my magic.

While this piece it was more of a study work more than a finish piece. I felt the mood was just right, as I did this in just under a few hours time. Letting my grip pen just flow with the colors. I was exploring the colors of season at that time. I wanted to capture just that moment and a view that you would see just looking from your window  or just passing by while walking. Adding that extra detail in the horizon I wanted people to imagine themselves walking along the high grassy blades feeling it with their hands. More like from the part in Gladiator.


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