The Knight

Title : The Knight
Type of Artwork: Portrait/Landscape
Dimension : 16.5″ x 15″
Medium used : Fine tip pen and pencil on sketch pad paper
Completed on : July 2012




Description: Medieval Art has been a challenge and fascination for me. I love drawing kings and queens including the knights. I love the honor and the loyalty a knight must present. And yet their lives and story are untold in the history. I wanted to capture his eyes for they tell a story of his life. A first I wanted to draw his full face and then I though having it covered by his shield would be more alluring and yet add enough background to finish the piece off.

I wanted to keep this work simple and yet adding the extra texture and lines with the pen work only would make it feel old and yet composing.  It took me a few days to finish off the texturing part with the pen. Yet the final piece says it all.


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