The Musketeer: ATHOS

Title : The Musketeer: ATHOS
Type of Artwork: Portrait
Dimension : 18″ x 15″
Medium used : Oil Paints on Oil paper
Completed on : Jan 2017




Description: The story of the three musketeers, I have studies this in my french class and upon fascination I have read all the literature books as well. I just love the story and its power. And watching the movies and tv shows well I have become a fan. Though from all the characters ATHOS remains a fascination for me. This is taken from the latest BBC version “The Musketeers” I just love the character , and his face matches so well to the him as well. So this actually took me two days to finish it off, though I kept it grey scale and then added a tint of yellow shade on his side as if the light was illuminating him. No prepared sketches for his, I completed started drawing this with the oil brush itself.


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