We build our Dreams

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Have you every felt so lost and confused that what ever you had dreamed you felt as if it was washing way with the rain. Everyday it was just the same and all you every wanted was to be able to look at the horizon and be satisfied with what you have at this moment.

But what happened to those dreams you always wanted to build, you wanted to explore and achieve as an individual. It could be relationship goals, it could be a dream job, a dream product you wanted to produce, a dream painting masterpiece and so much more. But one of our biggest mistakes is thinking that dreams are just going to land on your feet and you will pick it up like a newspaper. But no its not that easy. You have dreamed these moments, or positions/ status of yourself, and it is only you who needs to build it up and make a reality. So if your thinking this is just another inspirational story that I am trying to share. Well it is not. You are the only person who knows your dreams, your goals and it is only you who can make it come true.
So what are you waiting for. Just get up and starting today you are going to make those dreams come true.

And the first step is writing them down, on a big board, and stick it in front of you and look at it every day.
It will be your prayer, your morning coffee and your good night milk. You got to put those gloves and start punching through.

Life is mysterious and wonderful at the same time and you never know the path that could lead you. Never give up on those dreams. Make a list and tick them as you go. If not then they are just dreams in the wind


share your dreams and lets build them together

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