Dare to be #Different

Never be in doubt that being different means you might be cornered, or ridiculed

Being different shows character shows your personality and your individuality which most people admire but scared to admit it.

Even when it comes to work or your artwork, you need to be standing out, so keep your style the way it is. Don’t be afraid to experiment different things, textures, media and style. Yes at the beginning we might feel obligated or simply trying to fit in to the many peer groups and communities. Yet we cannot bury our true self. We need to stand and show who we are. That is what true happiness is about. It is about believing in yourself and in ability to shine.

So be #different and you might just surprise yourself along the way.

About Shivi (Spiritcoda)

Creative Designer, Love creative inspiration, graphic design, a poet, writer, and illustrator.