Digital Paintings


Far Away

Title : Far Away
Type of Artwork: Portrait
Dimension : 1600px x 900px
Medium used : Corel Painter, Digital Painting
Completed on : July 11, 2014

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Autumn Delight

Title : Autumn Delight
Type of Artwork: Landscape
Dimension : 2500pixels x 1500 pixels
Medium used : Digital Painting (using CorelPainter)
Completed on : July 3, 2014

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You Dare…

Title : You Dare (Fan Art) Character Design
Type of Artwork: Portrait
Dimension : 2048×1536
Medium used : Digital Painting (using Photoshop)
Completed on : 15th March 2014

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Whisper those words

Title : Whisper Those Words
Type of Artwork: Fantasy, Potrait
Dimension : A4 Size
Medium used : Vector Art on Grunge Texture
Tools: Hand drawn and then coloured with Illustrator and lighting by Photo shop
Wacom Intus4 tablet and grip pen
Completed on : 6th Feb 2011

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